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At Custom Irrigation Services, LLC, we specialize in low voltage landscape lighting. Whether it’s installation or repair, we ensure to focus on providing lighting solutions that create a magical and enchanting environment for your landscapes.

Top-notch Landscape Services in Northport, AL, Serving West Alabama

As your preferred landscape services provider in Northport, AL, and West Alabama, we strive to provide the most effective lighting solutions for your outdoor spaces. Low voltage lighting not only ensures energy efficiency but also creates an enchanting atmosphere in your landscape. Our expert team handles both installation and repair, with a special focus on installation. Whether you want to illuminate a path, highlight features, or create ambient lighting, we have got you covered.

landscape lights

Efficient Landscape Lighting Installation

We offer comprehensive landscape services, including:

  • Installing low voltage landscape lighting
  • Highlighting architectural features
  • Pathway and ambient lighting installation

With our professional touch, your landscape will shine, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your property while providing functional lighting.

Landscape Lighting Repair Services

In Northport, AL, and West Alabama, we understand that maintaining your landscape lighting is as important as its installation. That’s why we also offer expert landscape lighting repair services. If your outdoor lights aren’t working as they should, our team can diagnose and fix the issue, restoring the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

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